WARNING: This episode contains explicit sexual language and heavy breathing = ENJOY! 😉

Let’s untangle loving and people-pleasing. Love at its core contains fierce truth. People-pleasing is accommodating and bending who you are to keep someone else comfortable. Empowered relationships seek the true power of unconditional love, which is a fire that burns and transforms our immature and limited selves into the highest version of yourself.

I’m Christel Arcucci. You’re listening to the Embody Wealthy Podcast. The lightning path for women and empaths to quit people-pleasing, reclaim power, and create a pleasure-led legacy without apology.

As we move into the state of tapping in to your desire, allow your body to move if that is delicious for you. Allow yourself to sound and breathe as we awaken your desire, moving more deeply into a deep, deep state of permission allowance. And celebration of who you are now.

Moving deep, deep, deep into the cauldron of your desire to the power of your fire. To clear the pathway for what you want and for your wanting.

There are so many wounds, especially for women around wanting and desire that it takes practice to allow yourself to want.

To discover your wanting, your desire, to ask for your desire, to receive what you want and to enjoy receiving it.

Permission is clearing the pathway as you give yourself permission, as you open, allow as you command and receive.

Your desire comes so easily.

Not without challenges, but with a deep clarity in your body of knowing your truth, unapologetically receiving.

Unapologetically standing in your power, you can see yourself in power.

Grounded, clear, confident, loving.

Oh yes. And let’s take a moment to untangle loving and people-pleasing.

Love at its core contains fierce truth. People-pleasing is accommodating. And bending who you are to keep someone else comfortable

In empowered relationships, everyone is seeking the true power of unconditional love, which is a fire that burns and transforms our immature and limited selves into the highest version.

Oh,feeling this clearing pathways in your body, in your mind. In your emotional body, your mental body. Clearing, clearing, clearing.

Allowing yourself to feel the turn on of evolutionary empowered style of relating with other humans and with yourself and with nature, animals, minerals, plants, and your soul.
Who you are as an infinite soul being loves with fierce truth, with deep kindness and compassion.

Fierce truth is the core of unconditional love, and you have the gift of deep compassion, empathy. Sensitivity.

Seeing yourself standing now in your power on the earth with the sword of fierce truth and with the deep loving of compassionate, understanding and connection.

This warrioress, like Durga, standing for truth and fighting for the highest good. She is within you.

She is You and each day you are building confidence in who you are now as a protector and guide of nature, regenerative and sustainable connection to Mother Earth.

Deep connection with humanity, shadow and light.

Oh, and your power, your ability to face the collective shadow, your own shadow, and to be a guide to integrate and weaves together the madness of humanity with the power and potential of awakening, greater love, greater alignment, deeper connection, beautiful expression and embodied creativity.

Oh, yes, yes. Yes, and you see and feel yourself moving upon the earth as this empowered woman weaving shadow and light everywhere you go.

Repairing the healing grid everywhere you are because your presence, your divine presence, and willingness to embrace your messy humanness, your divine presence, and your embodied human messiness are woven together, dancing together with every breath more powerfully.

When you release resistance, when you fully allow the great power of your emotional body, your emotional body has been made wrong by so many and by yourself.

The great waters of your humanity. Yes, they. Destroy. Yes, the power of water can destroy. Yet it is also the power that brings life, the power of water to bring life. You hold this great wisdom, this great power, and in this place and time, you can see and feel the beauty that you hold to create and destroy woven together.

Releasing fear, doubt, concern.

All of the elements, just like all of you. Everything you are, everything you have. Is beautiful even when it’s ugly.

Yes, yes, yes. This great paradox and challenge of being human, your divine self knows its beauty, chose the messiness of being. Delighted in coming here and wrestling, entangling and tumbling, and forgetting to be expressed.

Your divine self came here to be expressed as light, as shadow, as creation, as destruction, as dark, as light as night and day.

In your confidence, when you feel powerful and your devastation when you feel lost.

All of it, all of you your entire life path. Every single choice, ah, is power, pure power,

As often as you can release resistance. As much as you can be riding the currents of the elements, creating and dissolving, manifesting and releasing.

Wherever you find yourself, you are always connected to Mother Earth. Attending to her, serving her, learning her ways, learning how to support humanity and being human more gracefully with less resistance.

Inhaling And exhaling with the pulsation of life.
Receiving and releasing.
Inhaling and exhaling in each moment.
Supported by the power of mind. Noticing when the power of mind is trying to override

What is, what is. What is, what is, is the greatest access and gateway to your power.

Here and now. Inhale and exhale here and now inhale and exhale here and now.

Receiving, releasing. Receiving offering, untangling the tangle that humanity has perpetuated, that continues to struggle with being pulled into the past, pushed into the future, doubting.

Pulling you out of your power of her and Now.

Right now is the point of your creation. Recognizing when you are pushed into the past or pulled into the future and anchoring yourself back in your pleasure.

Back in your power of now, back in your aliveness.

Aliveness includes pain, aliveness includes contraction. Aliveness is challenging.

Feeling the aliveness of now even the things you want to push out of now, breathe it. Feel it. Feel the desire to push or pull, to resist, to fight. Feel the tangle. The wrestling of your humanity, wanting everything to be perfect. That is stress. That is conditioning.

Your divinity knows.

Your divinity delights in being lost, being confused, fighting ‘what is.’

Divinity delights in it. The divine play of being.

How can you enjoy it? To laugh at your human struggles, to laugh at your resistance to pain, to breathe into your fight against what is.

What is.

What you are.
Who you are in this moment is your point of power.
The pain, the struggle, the confusion, the clarity. All of it.

Your power is not just when you are feeling good, your power rests in feeling the power of all of it. Feel it now in your belly. In your heart, in your fingertips, feel your aliveness, your willingness, your openness, your great sensitivity, your big emotions are your access point.

One of the ways that you can ride. The current of life force, and yes, sometimes it smashes you to the ground.

Letting that be, letting yourself be smashed, reorganizing yourself, breathing life force into when you have been smashed. Feeling how life force moves, then it’s still moving.

Life is breathing you. Your divine power is you breathing in, breathing out. You don’t even have to try to be aligned with life. It is you. It is moving you

Resistance to ‘what is’ thinking it should be something it’s not, is still part of it, yet it creates suffering.

You can surrender the suffering simply by feeling how life force is moving you, is moving through you, what the life force that is your desires in each moment.

Pleasure is always stalking, pain like a wildcat, circling, trying to seduce the pain and to breathing, trying to seduce the pain into allow. Trying to seduce the pain into failing the tightness, the resistance. Let it move you. Let life move you, even when somebody thinks you’re too loud, too noisy, too emotional, too crazy, too demanding.

Like you’ve lost your mind. Let life move you. Let life Force have you.

Yes, the divine Marriage is with life.

Not pleasing people, even yourself, letting life force have you have its way with you and sometimes yes, it fucks you. That too.

Hmm. Yes. Opening this body vessel, opening this mind, opening your emotions to your life force. Every moment life force has the answer to what do I desire?

You are a life force.
You are life.
Your desire is the access point to your power here and now letting it have you, letting it have its way with your life to create, to co-create, to receive, to gift you beyond. beyond, so far, beyond what you can imagine.

You are that powerful. Anything you can imagine, everything you can imagine, not without struggle, not without challenge, not without contraction, not without pain, not without confrontation. Yet, if you let the life force turn you on, you will navigate the heartbreak with clarity that it is chosen.

This is the point of this divine, human, messy gift you are.

And when people-pleasing comes and tries to strangle you or shut you down.

Allow yourself to have fun. “Oh, people-pleasing. Mm. I love it when you choke me. I love it when you fuck me. Oh, yes. Try to make me shut up. Put your hand over my mouth. Fuck me harder. Yes. Oh, people pleasing. Bend me over. Take me, take me. Oh, yes. I love it when you try to mold me into what you want. Yes. Yes, like that. Oh, it feels good. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Mm Yes. People pleasing. Oh, you turned me on. You fucked me so well. I love it when you choke me. Oh, and I love the look on your face when I open my mouth and roar my desires. I love seeing how horrified you are when I stand up with my unapologetic truth. Yes, yes, yes. Oh dear. People-pleasing. I know. I know you’re trying to protect me. I know you’re trying to keep me safe and sometimes I will let you fuck me when it’s how I want. But now, now, no. Now, dear people, pleaser, you are going to become my protect. Helping me to see when something is out of alignment, helping me to see when I’m afraid of my own power, helping me to see when I’m afraid of speaking truth, the sword of truth, the sword of truth.

The sword of truth holds great compassion. It cuts away the way we lie to ourselves, the sword of truth. That is what you are. People-pleaser. You are the sword of truth. Learning to use the sword with compassion and the greatest love,the sword of truth is the greatest love embodied love.”

I allow myself to learn to skillfully, compassionately, use the sword of truth like Ma Durga, fighting for love and truth, knowing that sometimes. The sword of truth will destroy.

Destruction clears the way for new life. Breathe, breathing in, breathing out, receiving really. Creating, destroying, opening, letting go. Expansion and contraction is the pulsation of life. I trust the pulsation of life.

Life force energy, the divine gift of creation. I trust you. I trust me.

And gently beginning to move your fingers and toes.

Bringing yourself gently back into the room that you’re in, easily opening your eyes to notice the light, the colors weaving together. This journey with your life, with your eyes open, receiving, releasing, you are life force.

You are the divine power of creation.

You trust yourself more deeply. You are learning to wield the sword of truth more gracefully, creating, destroying, inhaling, exhaling, expanding, contracting. Life force moves you, is you and loves you in your human messiness.Can you learn to love all of you with the same kind, compassion and fierce truth.

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You’re listening to the Embody Wealthy Podcast. The lightning path for women and empaths to quit people-pleasing, reclaim power, and create a pleasure-led legacy without apology.