Unlock the hidden power of your emotions and tap into a world of intuitive wisdom and psychic insights you never knew existed. Are you ready to dive deep into the sensual waters of the sacral chakra and discover how it can transform your ability to sense and understand the energies around you?

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Discovering Your Inner Self

This healing and hypnotic audio journey is designed to support you in restoring your nervous system and enjoying personal power. It’s ideal that you’re listening in a place you can relax and receive. I am very excited about the eight-week series in collaboration with the Sedona Soul Sisters show called the Ecstatic Empath Series.

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Connecting with the Sacral Chakra

Now, close your eyes and place your hands on your lower belly. Below your navel, feel the warmth of your hands connecting with your sacral chakra. Envision the creative intelligence and emotional energy pulsing there. With each breath, affirm: “I open myself to the flow of intuition, embracing my ability to sense and understand emotions with clarity, courage, and compassion.”

The sacral chakra, located in the lower abdomen, is our energetic center of emotion and intuition. It holds the key to unlocking profound emotional awareness and psychic sensitivity. This powerful energy vortex governs our ability to feel, connect, and interpret the subtle emotional currents that surround us.

Embracing Emotional Clairsentience

It plays a crucial role in developing emotional clairsentience, the psychic ability to sense and understand the feelings of others and the emotional imprints of places and objects. By nurturing and balancing the sacral chakra, we open ourselves to a deeper level of emotional intelligence, allowing us to navigate the complex landscape of human emotions with greater ease and insight.

Harnessing the Water Element

This chakra’s connection to the water element enhances our capacity to flow with and intuitively understand emotional energies and charges, making it an essential focal point for those seeking to develop empathic abilities. Addressing the shadows and challenges of a sacral chakra that is out of balance, such as emotional repression, guilt, and shame, can be supported by the practices presented in this podcast.

Relaxing into the Healing Journey

If you haven’t already, make yourself as physically comfortable and supported as possible. Close your eyes gently, perhaps using an eye mask or an eye pillow, and let your body feel heavy, settled, and grounded. Notice the movement of your breath without needing to change anything, bringing more attention and awareness into the physical sensations you are experiencing now.

Allow your breath to move in like a wave, washing in and over you, clearing away anything you no longer need. The breath, as a wave, moves in filling every cell of your body, and moves out, clearing away every level of your body, mind, and being.

Visualizing Your Relaxation Space

For your next three exhales, actively push out anything—thoughts, feelings, sensations—that you no longer need. The breath flowing in, clearing out. Now, feel yourself descending a set of stairs into a canyon where a river flows at the base. Hot springs and a comfortable bathtub await you, ready to support your journey.

Supporting Your Emotional Alchemy

As you relax in the healing hot springs, your sacral chakra is cleared and activated into a great center of creative power. Your guides, angels, and teachers help clear your energetic and etheric body, supporting you in seeing, feeling, and understanding emotional energy on a whole new level. Embrace the alchemy of sensitivity and the understanding of emotional clairsentience as you navigate the emotional realm.

Activating Your Soul Purpose

The river flows as a powerful metaphor for emotional energy, inviting you to work with its natural flow rather than resist it. See, feel, and sense the activation of your sacral chakra, aligning your soul purpose with your newfound clarity and courage. Reflect on the greatest emotional charges in your life, and learn how to work with, rather than against, these energies.

Embodying Emotional Mastery

As you rest and relax, know that you have the ability to discern and interpret the emotional information you receive. Establish healthy boundaries with your emotional clairsentience, and understand that you can choose when to open and close the channel of receiving information.

Next Steps and Reflections

Before closing, consider these self-inquiry questions and journal prompts:
– Describe a recent situation where you felt emotionally overwhelmed. How did this manifest in your body, and what insights did it provide about your emotional sensitivity?
– How does your creative expression serve as a channel for your intuitive and emotional insights?
– Reflect on a time when you accurately sensed someone else’s emotions without them telling you. What cues did you pick up on, and how did you interpret them?


As you rise from the healing waters and return to your physical body, take a moment to reflect on the journey. Your journey towards greater emotional clarity and spiritual awakening awaits.

Thank you for being a part of the Pleasure Led Movement. I am honored to support your embodied spiritual awakening.

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I believe in you and the magic power of your soul. I’m sending you so much love.