Welcome to a healing exploration of your psychic gifts through chakra activation.

In a world full of distractions and demands, finding the time and space to connect with your deeper self can be challenging. However, under the surface, you hold a wealth of wisdom and psychic abilities that are waiting to be discovered. Imagine unlocking a hidden doorway within yourself, leading to a world of heightened intuition and psychic abilities. As you journey through the vibrant energy centers of your body, called the chakras, you’ll awaken senses you may never have known you had. Together, let’s uncover the extraordinary insights and abilities that emerge as we harmonize your chakras and unleash your inner psychic.


My name is Christel Arcucci, and I am devoted to transforming how you experience your body, pleasure, and power. Learn more about my work at www.embodysoulpurpose.com

Preparing for the Journey

Before we begin, find a place where you can relax and receive fully. Start by placing your hands gently on your body, perhaps on your belly and heart. Notice the breath moving in and out of your body, and feel the connection between your hands and your body. As you breathe deeply, visualize a column of vibrant light flowing through you, activating each one of your chakras. With this vibrant energy coursing through you, set your intention to awaken your psychic abilities and intuitive gifts.

The Chakra Journey

We will explore your body’s energy centers and their connection to your intuitive abilities. This guided experience is designed to harmonize your seven main chakras, from grounding at the root to divine connection through your crown, while simultaneously activating your psychic senses.

Root Chakra

Begin by bringing your attention to your feet, legs, and the base of your pelvis. Connect deeply to your root chakra, which anchors you to the element of earth. Feel grounded, present, and relaxed as you expand your ability to sense physical sensations and emotions.

Sacral Chakra

Move to the sacral chakra, located above the pubic bone and below the navel. This chakra is connected to the element of water and your emotional center, enhancing your emotional awareness and intelligence. Embrace your emotional clairsentience, the ability to tune into the emotions of others.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Above the navel and below the ribcage lies the solar plexus chakra, related to the element of fire. This is your inner sun, where you cultivate clear cognizance, or the ability to understand information through extrasensory means. This solar power can burn through illusions and blocks, accessing the truth that serves the highest good.

Heart Chakra

Situated below the collarbones and above the ribcage curve, the heart chakra is linked to the element of air. Here, we foster clear empathy, the deep understanding and feeling of others’ emotions. Cultivate your compassion and love for humanity, tapping into both their pain and joy.

Throat Chakra

From the area above the collarbones to the bridge of your nose, the throat chakra is connected to the element of space. This is where we develop clear audience, psychic smell, and taste. The purer your physical body, the easier it is to perceive and communicate your psychic gifts.

Third Eye Chakra

Located from the bridge of the nose to the hairline, this chakra is also tied to the element of space. Here, we nurture clairvoyance, the ability to see events and people that aren’t physically present. Open the channel of your third eye and activate your psychic vision.

Crown Chakra

Finally, at the top of your head, the crown chakra connects to the infinity of space. This is the seat of clairvoyant mediumship and precognition, the ability to communicate with spirits or foresee future events. Visualize the violet flame opening this chakra, connecting you to divine messages and higher wisdom.

Closing and Reflection

With every chakra now activated and glowing, you are a brilliant channel of pure energy and psychic abilities. Allow yourself to soften and ground these energies back into the core of your body.


1. During the journey, which chakra activation felt most intense or vivid to you? Reflect on how this might relate to your current life experiences or areas where your intuition is strongest.

2. Did you notice any physical sensations, emotions, or spontaneous thoughts arise during the activation of specific chakras? Describe these experiences and consider what insights they might offer about your psychic abilities.

3. Visualize your personal symbol of intuitive power that emerged during the journey. What does this symbol mean to you, and how might you incorporate it into your daily life to strengthen your connection to your psychic senses?

4. After the journey, which “clair” ability feels most accessible to you right now? Describe a situation in the near future where you could consciously apply this ability.

5. Reflecting on the entire experience, what surprised you most about your inner landscape? How has this journey shifted your perspective on your intuitive potential, and what one step will you take to nurture this aspect of yourself?

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I believe in you and the magic power of your soul.  I am sending you so much love!