Imagine a life where following your intuition is as natural as breathing. A life where you can sense energies and navigate through them effortlessly. I invite you on a hypnotic journey to awaken your root chakra and ignite your psychic senses.

Are you ready to delve deep into your subconscious and emerge with heightened intuitive powers that could transform your life?

I am on a mission to transform your relationship with your body, pleasure, and power. Learn more about my work at You’re listening to the Desire Sessions podcast, the lightning path to discovering your desires and clearing what’s blocking you from receiving them.

Introduction to the Desire Sessions Podcast

Asking for what you want and receiving unapologetically is a revolutionary act. It’s time to be the one you’re looking for. This healing and hypnotic audio journey is designed to support you in restoring your nervous system and enjoying personal power. Ideally, you’ll be listening in a place where you can relax and receive.

Connecting to Your Root Chakra

Start by placing your hands on your lower belly and feel the warmth of your hands connecting to your root chakra. Take a deep breath and imagine roots growing from the base of your spine down through your legs and feet into the earth. As you exhale, set your intention: “I am grounded, open, and ready to awaken my intuitive gifts.”

This episode is crafted to awaken and amplify your innate psychic abilities through the power of your root chakra. By tapping into this fundamental energy center, you will not only ground yourself in a profound sense of safety and stability but also create a foundation for expanding your intuitive reach.

The Guided Hypnotic Experience

Through this soul-crafted hypnosis, you will learn to clear blockages in your root chakra, enhancing your clairsentience—the ability to sense and feel energies. This might even ignite your potential for psychometry, allowing you to read and receive information through touch. As we weave together deep relaxation, vivid visualization, and powerful suggestions, you’ll discover how to integrate your newfound awareness into your daily life.

Awakening Your Innate Psychic Abilities

By the end of our session, you’ll have experienced a deep connection to your intuitive gifts, feeling more grounded yet spiritually attuned. You’ll be equipped with practical tools to continue developing your psychic senses, preparing to unlock a new level of self-awareness and intuitive powers that can guide you towards a more insightful and purposeful life.

The Ecstatic Empath Series

I’m thrilled that this episode is the first of an eight-week collaboration with the Sedona Soul Sisters show, called the Ecstatic Empath Series. Many empaths unknowingly attune only to the pain body. This series will help you establish clear boundaries with pain and awaken the channels that fuel the bliss body with joy. If you wish to receive updates on the entire free series, visit and enter your name and email.

Settling into Deep Relaxation

Settle deeper into your physical body by taking gentle, deeper breaths. Focus on your exhale, especially on lengthening it to clear your physical, mental, emotional, spirit, and soul. Move your attention towards the back of your body and down into the center of the base of your hips. Continue settling by moving your awareness into the very core of your hips. Each exhale supports you in clearing, settling, and relaxing more deeply.

Connecting to Your Higher Self

Know that you and your subconscious mind are working together in this healing practice. I am your guide, yet you decide how deeply you go. Trust that your teachers, guides, and angels are protecting, supporting, and loving you so that you can surrender as deeply as possible into this healing journey.

The Journey to the Redwood Grove

Imagine yourself at the top of a set of stairs, walking down, down, down into a more integrated and relaxed state. You find yourself in a wilderness headed towards a grove of ancient redwood trees. The temperature of the air caresses your skin, making you feel comfortable and relaxed. As you continue walking down the steps, you feel more comfortable and confident in your body.

Arriving at the base of the stairs, you find a perfect recliner built into the root system of a giant redwood tree. Settle into this spot, feeling deeply supported and connected to the earth. As you relax, feel your whole body and mind being easily connected to the core of the earth and your root center, aligning with the color red and the sound “lam.”

Psychic Development and Integration

Feel the earth element more beautifully aligned in your whole being. Know that your root chakra is being cleared, balanced, aligned, and activated, releasing years of blockages, fear, and limiting beliefs. Relax into the embrace of the earth, allowing yourself to be received, loved, and supported.

As you develop your psychic sense of clairsentience, remember there’s nothing for you to do except open and remember your ability to sense or feel the emotions, physical sensations, or energy of others. Trust that your system is calibrating to just the right amount, and deepen your abilities when you are ready. Your psychic sense is rooted in your physical experience, allowing your body to hold and utilize the information for the highest good of yourself and others.

Nurturing Your Psychic Gifts

Explore your psychic ability for psychometry, the capacity to receive information about an object or person by touching or holding them. You know how to have clear and healthy boundaries with your psychic gifts, opening the channels for receiving information and knowing when to maintain boundaries to stay centered in yourself.

Deepen your presence in your physical body, open timelines for yourself and others, and align with the greater good. Trust in your ability to ground yourself, receive and interpret impressions, and integrate the work of awakening your root chakra.

Embodying Your Divine and Human Self

Recognize that your body is the meeting place of your divinity and humanity. Embrace all aspects of yourself, aligned with your soul purpose, and stay present, grounded, and sensitive. Navigate being a divine channel for your soul purpose in a physical human form. Your soul knows what you are ready for, bringing together your humanity and divinity in the present moment.

Self-Inquiry and Reflection

As you reflect on this hypnotic journey, consider these questions:

– What sensations or emotions did you experience when connecting with your root chakra? How might these insights inform your daily grounding practice?
– During the clairsentience exercise, did you notice any particular areas of your body that felt more receptive to energy? How can you nurture this awareness in your everyday life?
– Did any objects emerge during the psychometry visualizations? How might these relate to your current life situation?
– How did the experience of balancing groundedness and intuitive awareness feel in your body? Where do you see opportunities to maintain this balance in your daily routines?
– What was the most surprising or insightful moment for you during this hypnotic journey? How do you intend to integrate this new understanding into your practices?

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