Connect your infinite divine vision into your mission-driven ability to create wealth in service to love.
I’m Christel Arcucci. You’re listening to the Embody Wealthy Podcast. The lightning path for world-changing women to create millions, embody wealthy, and create the pleasurable life you imagine aligned with the greater good.
Bring yourself fully into your body and physical location by feeling your feet on the floor, feel your hips and back touch the seat.
Open a heart space by moving you attention to your heart center and taking a slow and gentle breath. Activate the power of your body, mind, intuition by aligning your divine self with your human-animal self.
You stand at the top of the stone steps that will lead you down into the sacred grove of ancient Redwood trees. With each step powerfully bring our infinite creative self into your human body.
You now stand in the center of the circle of trees, feeling their power, presence, and wisdom.
You feel the earth beneath you, the sky above you, and you are the vehicle between the infinite and the manifest world.
You slowly take a seat in the soft and warm grass. Welcome yourself home into this moment with your full attention and your full presence.
Breath above, breath below, breath within, breath without.
command the wisdom, support, protection, and guidance of all of the soul lessons and wisdom you have learned before this moment and everything you have learned in the future.
Future and past are present here and now.
Invite the wisdom that resides within you, to gain greater clarity to serve humanity and make money with pleasurable ease.
How does your soul purpose manifests in your everyday Being?
Who are you when you are aligned with Love?
How do you create positive change with your everyday actions?
What are you doing when you’re aligned with Love?
Breathe in = guidance from your infinite self right in to your human self.
Breathe out = Love for yourself and all of humanity
You are connected to the big vision of embodied awakening.
Your desire to enjoy being of service, to feel the pleasures of a rich life are available, right here right now.
Focus on your breath.
Breathing in and receiving. Breathing out and giving.
Inhale receive. Exhale offer.
Being and doing are the dance of creating the life you desire.
Enjoying, engaging and co-creating with nature and aligned with love.
You are financially influential.
You guide the future with each choice you make.
You are creating a more powerful impact in the world as you increase your pleasurable wealth.
It’s important to have both the big vision, as well as the small steps and actions that you can take today to create your big vision.
As a visionary, you recognize that there will be challenges along the way and you see yourself navigating them with ease.
When you feel resistance you pause breathe and ask for support and guidance to move back into flow state.
You take small steps and quantum leaps aligned with nature and in service to love.
You are manifesting your soul vision.
You are present with what is right in front of you to do right now.
You are steady, courageous and grounded in who you are and what you are here to do that only you can do.
Your soul vision is an amazing Castle in the Sky. The small actions that you take every day are small stepping stones that are leading you to your soul rich life.
What actions are you taking today to set those stepping stones?
Who are you being as you are doing?
I believe you have incredible capacity to create change. I am here to support you in solidifying pleasure practices and structure for your business to create transformational change in the world.
You are weaving together your infinite vision + your mission driven ability to create money.
The big dream of what change you would like to see in the world, as well as increasing your relationship with money.
Easily dissolving any disconnect between your creator self and your human self.
Now working in harmony, now co-creating and collaborating your soul magic,
Money is a vehicle in our world.
Some people in power are using money for things that are out of alignment with nature.
You are building your life and businesses in alignment with nature and in service to love.
You are soul powerful.
You are creating changes like preserving the environment, reforming the justice system, changing the education system, transforming health care.
You are creating change in the ways that you believe are important and powerful in the world today.
You being and doing are pleasure powered.
You have an empowered, healthy and secure relationship with money.
You create powerful change when you collaborate with like-minded others with a similar vision.
Connect your big vision with your ability to create money in alignment with love.
You’re financially free, supported you feel good about money coming into your business at an exponential rate.
You feel good about spending money in your business.
You feel good about the choices that you make in spending, investing and donating money.
Take time when you return from the sacred grove to journal about the soul guided steps you received and desire to take now and in the future.
You stand up slowly full of gratitude to everything, and everyone that contributed to your journey today.
As you walk up this stone steps and move into our everyday reality. You’re weaving the web of the powerful aspects of your spiritual and creative self into your everyday life.
And so it is.
Thank you for being here, it’s a pleasure to co-create and embody wealthy with you.
You’re listening to the Embody Wealthy Podcast. The lightning path for world-changing women to create millions, embody wealthy, and create the pleasurable life you imagine in service to love.
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I am sending you so much love!