How many times have you been told to play nice?  This real talk episode is focused on giving you permission to access your creative power, to play naughty and explore the question: what do I *REALLY* want to create?

I’m Christel Arcucci, you’re listening to the Soul Purpose Podcast, the lightning path of embodied spiritual awakening with shadow and light integration. Quit people pleasing, create clear boundaries, reclaim power, and live your soul purpose legacy.

This podcast is informational and this episode is a very special embodied journey of sensual hypnosis with energetic healing, I intend to seduce you with my voice.

Yes, seduce you into a greater, deeper, more delicious experience of your body and your soul purpose. I will use sounding, deep breaths to help you feel and integrate the teachings into your body and mind.

When I was a little girl, I dreamt of being an artist and writer.

The dominant culture says that artists struggle and aren’t good with money.

I became a healing artist instead, so I could focus on building a service and education business with jewelry design as a “artistic passion project”.

I am blessed to make a living doing work aligned with soul purpose. I always wondered if I could make more room for the artist and writer in my business…

A wild idea during the heart of the global reset in 2020 bloomed into a secret business, and the first month I made $560 from my art.

I have launched hundreds of business ideas, some have been successful and some have failed. I’ll share my take on failure in an upcoming podcast episode. The “failed” biz ideas have cost me tens of thousands of dollars over the years and I will never stop believing in and trying inspired ideas.

I have publicly proclaimed I would publish several books and delayed the latest book publication date (with my real name) due to fire evacuation and an unexpected move.

One year ago today I took a crazy chance… I selected a pen name and let myself PLAY and try something wild, new, unexpected, creative and naughty.

My wild creative artist dreamer generated $26,000 in the first year in this “side business.” I know there’s lots of talk about how peeps have made “6 figures in my first 6 minutes in business,” ok I am exaggerating a little. I am delighted with this success!

There is so much power in not hiding who you are, yet I have found incredible freedom in not giving a f-ck about what anyone thinks and letting myself play, dream, create and explore.

It’s a *REALLY* stressful time in the world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, afraid, confused, depressed, anxious, etc.

I invite you to take a crazy chance on your dream and do the f-cking creative-wild-artistic-and scary-thing. You can start small and in secret at first if that suits you.

A client messaged me today to let me know she received a $500 tip on top of her fee for a commissioned mural.


Sensual hypnosis to Awaken your Creative Power:

I invite you to make yourself very comfortable, allow your body to set up and whatever you’re sitting on. If you can lay down, that would be even better. Let your body settle and let your mind stay focused on my voice. Trusting my voice to guide you. Hmm. Yes. Guiding you feel your breath is moving without any effort.

Your breath is moving in and out without you even having to think about it. Breath, rising and falling breath, arising and falling. Your breath helping you feel more relaxed, more settled and more open.

I invite you to open your mouth and take a deep inhale in and exhale. Let it out with a sound or a sight or a naughty moan.

Going deeper. 

And deeper into a creative and relaxed state. 

Creative power lives inside of you. It is the power that is breathing your breath without any effort. No effort, just relaxation. 

You find yourself standing at the top of the steps, walking down a 7 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

Feeling so relax, standing in front of the crystal elevator, the doors slide open. Mm. Yes. And you step inside glittering gemstone buttons and you already know intuitively which one to select. 

And the doors are closed, sliding down, down, down. Going deeply into your creative power.

Moving past any layers of resistance, not entertaining any thoughts and letting them float away, like little butterfly, no need to hold on or catch them. There’s so much more beautiful and they’re fluttering way. Brightly colored wings leaving streaks in the sky. 

So relaxed, so open trusting yourself and this journey.

Listen to the podcast for the full journey.

Thank you for being here, it’s a pleasure to walk the soul purpose path with you. 

You’re listening to the soul purpose podcast, the lightning path of embodied spiritual awakening with shadow and light integration. Quit people pleasing, create clear boundaries, reclaim power, and live your soul purpose legacy.

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I believe in you and the magic power of your soul. 

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I am sending you so much love!