Money is a loaded subject, oh yes! This episode is a public declaration of my purpose to embody wealthy as I guide and support world-changing women to make millions in service to love.

I’m Christel Arcucci, you’re listening to the Embody Wealthy Podcast, the lightning path for world-changing women to make millions, embody wealthy, and create the life you imagine in aligned with to the greater good.

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Welcome to today’s deep dive into pain and pleasure and how to use them to create the life you imagine. 

You may have noticed the name of the podcast has changed from the sole purpose podcast to the embody wealthy podcast. 

What does embody wealthy mean? 

Embody wealthy focuses on awakening in and through your body, not by trying to transcend your body or the struggle and challenges of human experience. 

Being human includes pain and pleasure, and an extreme spectrum of what it’s like to be human in this time in history. The challenges of being human and your pain body are the focus of shadow body integration. While your pleasure. Is the focus of pleasure body activation. 

This podcast focuses on how you can use everything, yes everything, every experience, every ecstasy, every tragedy and everything in between as fuel for your creative fire to embody your version of wealthy. 

First, that means you have to discover what embody wealthy looks and feels like for you and clear away the beliefs the trauma, the cultural indoctrination that keeps you from discover what you want, asking for what you want, and receiving what you want.

Discover. Ask. Receive.

Let me say that again since, especially for women, this golden trifecta will unlock the wealthy, health and great love you desire to create.

Discover what you want.

Ask for what you want.

Receive what you want.

What is shadow body integration and pleasure body activation?

Shadow body integration is learning to be with the intensity of experience that lives inside your body, mind, heart and soul. To deeply receive your experience while minimizing resistance. 

Feeling is healing even if you don’t like it. 

The world is really intense right now and the dominant cultural conditioning gives you a very narrow spectrum of what you “should” feel comfortable experiencing. 

Shadow body integration is the practice of being where you are, sitting in the soup of your human-ness and skillfully navigate without trying to get rid of the mess or pretend it isn’t happening. 

Shadow body integration offers tools to look your shadow and the collective shadow in the eyes and not turn away but instead to use the intensity of shadow, pain, challenges and problems in your life and in the world as fuel for your creative soul fire. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, women often have limited a very capacity to experience pleasure like it’s this forbidden taboo. Oh, that’s right, it is in many traditions taboo for a woman to experience pleasure, especially in her body, her sensuality and sexuality. 

For a woman, it’s a sacred act of rebellion to know what you desire, ask for what you desire, and receive what you desire.

Not from the boss-bade wounded masculine burnout mode of overdrive and overwhelm, but from a deep connected space of knowing and integrating your feminine essence aligned with your inner masculine presence and protection.

Practice increasing your capacity to know what turns you on, ask for what lights you up and then delight in receiving your desire. 

Shadow body integration and pleasure body activation are two wings of the bird dependent upon each other to soar through embodying your version of great love, vibrant health, and abundant wealth in order to create the life you imagine in service to love. 

A key element to reset is that you do not have to sacrifice, compromise or play small or believe the dominant program and cultural conditioning that you are not good enough, not worthy and don’t deserve tot thrive and enjoy your life. 

You deserve to create the wealth, health and love you imagine and even more than you can imagine.

Embody wealthy is not a Pollyanna version of you can have it all with no Issues in life.

The focus is being able to navigate the messiness of being human, riding the energies of fucking chaos of what’s happening in the world now and learning to use it all to fuel your creative fire to light you up. 

Stop resisting challenges.

Skillfully surf the waves, ride the chaos, weather the storm. 

You are the waves, chaos, and storm.

Be the woman that is a living embodiment of your pleasurable purpose. 

How can you Embody Wealthy today? No matter what the reasons are that your mind says you cannot, you’re not ready. You don’t deserve it. It’s dangerous. You don’t make enough money. You are not skinny enough, curvy enough, smart enough, young enough, old enough. Grew up in the wrong side of town, didn’t go to the right school or get the right job.

Blah Blah Blah.

Take gentle breath, place your hand on your heart and the other on your belly and say:

I believe in you. I love you. I know what you’ve been through and I know what you’re capable of. In this moment, I take back my pleasure power and live in alignment with my values.  

I take daily actions aligned in service to love.

What does making millions have to do with it?

Why does this have to be about money?

 I have been a spiritual practitioner since my near death experience (NDE) at 6 months old and took part in many spiritual communities for over 35 years. 

The dominant paradigm of spirituality and money being incompatible and not allowed to be discussed in the same sentence is insane! 

I am here to transform the myth that money is not spiritual because I believe that when you align your spiritual values with your soul purpose, speak your truth with love power, that money can transform what’s fucked up about humanity. 

You may wonder why I am making this public declaration and how close I am to making $1 million in a year.

 I have never made $1 million in one year and never cared much bout becoming a millionaire. 

I have sold millions in products and services in my career.

I’ve helped women make millions and become millionaires and I’ve helped businesses make Millions.

Yet I was telling myself a story that my business wasn’t good enough because mentors I have worked with have been in business less than half the time I have or even less than 10 year and THEY are making $10M per year or even $6M in 2 months. So why would any own hire me instead of them?


I saw the core issue that many of my clients struggle with: not being good enough + being stuck in the persecution story that I will be killed/burned at the stake or cast out for speaking my truth of wanting to create a global network of soul-centered women millionaires.

I have never made $1 million in one year, so why am I declaring this so publicly? 

Making millions in one year is an outrageous intention and making it public and not being afraid of failing.

My intention for sharing this is to show being a woman that is unapologetically discovering my desire, claiming my desire and reaching my desire of a million dollar per year business.

I am also not attached to this happening in 2022, although I am taking daily aligned action to create the systems and structure aligned with my soul in order for this to happen.

No matter what happens, I am creating the impact I desire and getting out of my own way and transforming the soul blocks that are slowing me down from my mission to help 100,000 women make millions in service to love.

If I do if I do not reach $1 million in a year, I’m still gonna fucking celebrate! 

I’m going to celebrate that I claim my desire and shared the journey to inspire you.

I will make $1 million in one year. I’m taking action in alignment with my desire and I am open to receive $1M per year. 

I can feel the path and momentum that my desire is creating, and I’m inviting you to join me with your own outrageous desire. 

The reality of me making $1 million per year in my business means helping a lot of other women make millions, which is a win-win for the greater good. 

It’s impossible for me to fail since the intention of doing business in service to love will reward me with more than I can even imagine.

I know, without a doubt, my business will generate millions per year.

I feel it. I know it. And so it is.

What if I fail in my make millions experiment?

What if you could change your mind about rejection and failure being a good thing in your life?

Here’s your invitation to build resilience through a rejection and failure practice. 

What the what? did I say rejection and failure practice? 

Yes, I did. 

What that means is that you practice extending yourself beyond your comfort zone daily and actively keep asking until you find for the edge where people will say no. 

This isn’t about badgering people until they say no, it’s about taking risks and asking bigger, more life-changing questions and removing your fear of rejection and failure.

I know this is a stretch because most of you have decided that rejection and failure are a bad thing to be avoided at all costs. 

I want you to see feel and know how rejection and failure are essential to your success.

When you were a kid, you were more willing to fail when we learned something new: walking, talking, eating, writing, and riding a bike.

When you’re learning to walk, you fall down hundreds of times before you can walk across the room and the same thing was true with running or riding a bike. You will fail and to practice playfully expanding your abilities until you mastered a new skill.

Think about eating on your own… you can food all over the place and felt like a massive success when you got a single bit in your mouth.

Let’s restore that same sense of innocence and play to your life and business now.

In childhood, you consistently played at the edge of your comfort zone.

But somewhere along the way you learned that rejection and failure should be avoided.

How can you change your mind and decide that rejection and failure are practices to work on every day in order to expand your comfort zone and expand your capacity?

When you reach the end of your comfort zone and keep going, you discover the rejection and failure are actually a positive since they help you to become the best version of yourself. They guide you to achieve your dreams and goals and create success in your life on your terms. 

I invite you to make rejection and failure a daily practice.  

Building your failure and rejection muscles is like building any muscles. You work on them in small doses, a few reps at a time and even once they are strong, you keep training them to maintain your strength.

Posting on social media is one level of challenge. Yet a bigger, harder challenge comes when you reached out to someone, you know, in real life and they don’t even reply how much your mind will make up stories about what that means. I’m broken. I’m unlovable. I’m not important. And nobody cares about me.

Boo hoo. Poor me. 


Your mind will make up stories about what that means: “I am broken, I am unlovable, I am not important, and nobody cares about me. Boo how, poor me.”

The rejection and failure practice is focused on extending out from the heart and not being attached to the outcome or response, which is not easy, yet the more you practice the easier it becomes. 

When you are clear about the kinds of connections you want to create and why, it becomes easier it is to let go of attachment to the outcome. 

When you extend beyond your comfort zone knowing that you are building the rejection and failure muscles, which will serve and support your life and purpose.

When you can change your mind about rejection and failure, you will create success with ease and grace. 

Become willing to fail.

Change your story about rejection and failure.

Make being rejected a daily practice.

Make it playful.

Refuse to let the results take you down.

You can change your mind and change your life by reaching the edge of your capacity and comfort zone to keep going. 

Just like building any muscle when you regularly do the rejection and failure practice and refuse to collapse or fall into the downward spiral, you will confidently expand your capacity and confidence and become unstoppable.

Build your capacity and strength in order to create success.

Once you’re done with this practice for a period of time, you will be more confident and have greater courage in taking bigger risks, reaching for bigger goals and therefore unfazed by rejection and failure.

Fear of rejection and failure will no longer stop you or keep you playing small in your life

Thank you for being here. It’s a pleasure to co-create and embody wealthy with you. 

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I believe in you and the magic power of your soul. 

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I am sending you so much love!