Are you a spiritual practitioner that has a conflicted relationship with power and money? Do you want to receive soul aligned abundance, power, and money? This journey is for you.

In this hypnotic and healing audio journey, Christel guides you to restore your nervous system and reclaim your power, encouraging you to be the author of your life. Embrace embodied shadow work, recognizing the full spectrum of the human experience. Join Christel in this transformative session, designed to recognize the spiritual power of money, create a secure relationship with power and wealth, and integrate seemingly conflicting desires.

Embark on a mystical journey through a redwood forest, where you face the choice of crossing a rushing creek. Explore the symbolic significance of choosing between stepping stones and a slippery log, representing the integration of simplicity, freedom, and wealth. With the wisdom of a giant redwood tree, you’ll find clarity and certainty to bridge the gap between conflicting desires.

This session invites you to redefine your relationship with money, recognizing it as a tool for positive change and supporting humanity’s awakening.

Trust the ongoing integration, allowing simplicity, wealth, and joy to harmoniously coexist in your daily existence. Step back into your waking life, empowered and aligned, ready to live as a steward of abundance and an architect of positive transformation.

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Your journey towards pleasure, power, and money awaits, and Christel is here to guide you every step of the way. Remember, your desires deserve attention, and the magic power of your soul is ready to unfold. Thank you for being part of the Pleasure-Led Movement.