Do you believe a fear or a vow from a past life can slow you down of stop you from living your purpose is this life?

I’m Christel Arcucci. You’re listening to the Embody Wealthy Podcast. The lightning path for women and empaths to quit people-pleasing, reclaim power, and create a pleasure-led legacy without apology.

It’s 2013 and I stand with quiet strength in a room full of heart-centered women entrepreneurs. We have gathered for a two-day transformational business mastermind. I am at the front of the room in the “hot seat,” while my colleagues sit comfortably on couches in an elegant, comfortable setting.

“What will happen if you are visible? What will happen if the world sees your full power? Don’t think ― just answer,” my mentor commands.

“I will be killed.”

I stand between worlds with one foot in present time and the other in a past life. A woman in the room gasps and tears stream down my cheeks. I speak of being burned at the stake as empowered woman and healer.

“I am no longer afraid of being killed because I know that my essence, my soul cannot be destroyed. They tortured and killed the community of women healers that I led. They made me watch as each one of my soul sisters died. I begged for them to spare my sisters and just kill me. I died with every woman before they destroyed my body. I made a vow that I would never again put the lives of my sisters in jeopardy. I committed to traveling alone: When they find and kill me the next time, no one else will die because of me.”

My heart breaks open as the scene unfolds in vivid detail. Both my present reality and my past life as revolutionary leader are so tangible, and powerfully connected. I don’t have proof that I have lived other lives, yet this vision forces me to resolve this past-life saga in this very lucid moment of now.

I want to crumble, to give up and disappear. My shadow, that part of me I have been unwilling ― unable ― to embrace, is demanding that I recognize its power. I have spent years hiding and suppressing the magnitude of the love, fear, and power inside me. I am keenly aware of the great potential that lies in alchemizing these emotions. I see my self-imposed shackles with crystal clarity.

For the past 32 years, I have been a professional healer and artist. But until that auspicious day, I had been playing small and staying safe, allowing fear of persecution to stop me. I justified my circumstances and convinced myself that the level of service I was providing in my healing arts business was enough – that I could fulfill my soul purpose without stepping too far outside my comfort zone.

A few years ago, I was called to awaken greater potential as not only a healer but as a revolutionary leader of healers. I resisted that inner voice, because I did not feel ready to step into this role of empowering women. I would tell myself that someday I would be ready, someday …

In late 2008, I made the commitment to get the mentoring and business training necessary to take my business to the next level. Out of that commitment came a series of synchronicities that eventually brought me to that gathering, where, steeped in a cauldron of sisterly support, the story continues …

I am being confronted by my mentor in present time, and I can feel the strength of the invisible field that keeps me from stepping into the leadership role I know I was born to fill. Although I want to support women to claim their power as fully activated healers, that outdated “never again” promise keeps me stagnant.

She stands before me, extending a deeply compassionate yet unwavering invitation: “The women from that life are looking for you lead them now. Will you show up for them?”

I feel the strength of her call, beckoning me to unleash the potency of my mission, to serve as a beacon of light that others will follow.

In a flash I see that my persistent refusal to show up in my full splendor (cloaked as valiant loyalty to a sacred vow) is the most destructive and selfish choice I could make. My resistance to lead dissolves in an instant. The old victim story of fear and persecution literally vanishes as I stand in my power: “Yes, I will show up for them.”

The victim story is only part of the truth. In other lives I have perpetrated hunting and kill*ng. An unacknowledged aspect of my soul is capable of destruction. I know in every moment we are free to choose to create or destroy life. In order to break the cycle of victim > rescuer > perpetrator, I must face the aspects inside me that are capable of such darkness.

The room dissolves and my mentor and I are dressed in priestess robes in a forest clearing where the past is completed and the present moment merges with a future time.

She says, “now is the first time in thousands of years that you are safe to reclaim your place of power. It is time to take on your sacred role as a leader in the sisterhood. You are protected and guided. Will you reclaim your place of power?”
“Yes, I will. Thank you.”

My mentor reminds me of my mother, this potent moment of her inviting me into my power heals my mother’s betrayal while activating a mystical path into my future. I know in my bones that my ability to create and destroy will be used in service to love and life. In the moment I claimed my power and released the old beliefs, I ended the victim cycle that had undermined my power as a woman and leader. I integrate the light and the dark to embrace all of me and activate my full power.

My life purpose of guiding women to reach their highest potential is unfolding with ease. I empower heart-centered women entrepreneurs to activate their healing gifts and make money while making a positive difference.

Together we create magic, beauty, financial abundance, and healing for ourselves and our communities.

We are activating soul-centered prosperity in life, love, and business, while reestablishing the sisterhood in present time.

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You’re listening to the Embody Wealthy Podcast. The lightning path for women and empaths to quit people-pleasing, reclaim power, and create a pleasure-led legacy without apology.