I received a Wisdom bomb in meditation this morning that I want to share with you about Embodied Presence.

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I am turning 50 in a few days and part of my mind thinks that I’m late and I’m not where I should be based on whatever external blah blah blah.

2022 my focus was to be in the present as much as possible and to live my legacy everyday so that if it was my last day on Earth I would feel good about who I was, how I spent my time and the impact I made each day.

The lighting bolt in meditation distilled what I learned into 8 words.

A calm and confident voice said, “You cannot be late for the present moment.”

The thought and feeling that I am late is a stress response which means I am in my head and not in my body or likely breathing fully.

Thinking I am late and not where I “should be” or that I should be somewhere that I’m not means I’m stressed and NOT IN THE PRESENT.

Deep and relaxed belly breath, feel your hips, toes, crown and finger tips and fill inside-outside with a full gentle breath.

“You cannot be late for the present moment.”

In an instant I felt that I’m in the right spot and I’m being me and doing my life journey perfectly.

That lightning bolt of recognition that my mind is the one, the wounding or the trauma patterns, or the emotional addiction habit is the one that says that I’m late and it’s a signal that I am not here, right here, right now. 

You cannot be late for the present moment. 

This simple and powerful revelation. I hope it lands for you in the way that it landed for me.

So let’s explore this even deeper with some sound, breath and hypnotrance. Letting you drop even deeper into your body. Feel your breath moving.

Notice the thoughts in your mind are most often what takes you out of the present moment. A state of feeling stressed, pulled into the past or pushed into the future. Either way is not anchored in the sensations of your body. 

So let this breath be a sensual experience.

Oh, letting sound move out with your breath. Allow gentle movement of your spine, without forcing, moving your fingers, toes, wrists, ankles, allowing your breath to move your body. 

Then moving into sounds, continue to allow your body to move gently without forcing. 

Sound and notice the movement that is inspired by this sound. 

Noticing any thoughts, notice any resistance. 

Notice what your mind thinks. 

Notice if your mind wonders if anybody can hear. 

Notice if your mind has judgment about my sounds and my breath. 

The present moment is alive with expression, and when we are fully anchored in the present moment, the mind is so focused on experiencing it doesn’t care about what happened or what might happen.

Yet our minds have been conditioned, trained to hook into the past or the future, and to avoid the present yet when we can move the mind into the body, into the breath, into the free expression of sound movement and breath the mind moves into alignment and in service to your soul expression. 

You are welcome to sound like I sound or let my sound be an inspiration for you, let yourself explore the freedom of sound knowing that the freedom of sound, breath, and movement sounds so simple. It seems so easy. It seems natural. Mm. Yet it’s been conditioned into us to self monitor, to self-police ourselves and others.

Letting yourself explore the sounds. Mm. Oh, ah, sssss, rrrrrrrr

Notice how each sound feels, what movement each sound inspires, and where you bump up against resistance.

Resistance can look like distraction. Resistance can look like discomfort in your body, in your throat,

or in your mind. 

The inner protector. Mmm. Also called the inner critic. The inner saboteur. It is designed to keep you safe, and what is safe is what is familiar, gentle practices at your edge, at the edge of your comfort zone. Allowing yourself to sound and breathe and move. Mm, whenever and wherever you can.

I am currently living in a home that has the most psychic and sound freedom of anywhere I have ever lived. The person that lives nearest to me is minimum 50 yards away, and she’s also mostly deaf. So even if she was standing outside my door, it’s unlikely she could hear me sounding yet my mind is so used to limiting me, my sound, my breath, my movement that I have to consciously choose expression to consciously work at the edge of my comfort zone, expanding the sound, the volume, the texture.

Oh, and especially pleasure sounds, are so taboo. Why? 

Why are pleasure sounds so taboo coming from my lips? Oh, oh, oh.

Because our culture is so uncomfortable with my pleasure. A woman in her pleasure owns her power and her presence is unstoppable. Hmm and that disrupts the status quo. That yes, that is what you’re up against. Thousands of years of control and confinement.

So allowing a pleasure sound to escape your lips is an act of rebellion.

How much can you allow yourself?

How much can you allow yourself to rebel against your own mind, against the culture that tells you that you’re too much, that you should be quiet and tone it down, but why? But why? 

I think of the performing artists that I most admire, especially the artists that use their body, their breath, their voice as their main vehicle of art.

They are celebrated for not being confined or contained. I mean, of course there are people that don’t like them, but in general, they are celebrated for their soul expression. 

You are learning to use the medium of your body, your breath, your movement, your sound as your main vehicle of your soul expression.

Yes, yes, yes. And it starts with little ways and little places where you allow yourself to play, to play in your body, to play with your pleasure, to play with your sound, to play with your breath, and see what happens. Hmm. 

I invite you to be gentle. To play in spaces that you feel safe pushing your comfort zone, ah, and to go to places where you can allow your voice to ROAR in your car.

Driving alone is a fantastic place, on a windy day, high on a ridge or a cliff where only the wind can hear you. Hmm. 

In your shower, while you’re using your products to cleanse and clean your body, can you allow yourself to Hmm hmm?

Even with your lips, closed, allowing the sound to vibrate within your body. 

Oh yes, yes, yes. In little ways, small steps. Little actions each day help you grow in confidence to anchor yourself in what your life force, what the creative power that is moving through you right now wants to say.

It takes an incredible amount of courage and bravery to express the power of your soul. Yet it’s what the world most needs from you, and it can be scary. 

Yes, yes, yes. And even naming that, saying that I feel scared. What if somebody hears me? 

And allowing yourself to make those small sound. 

“I think I need to hide.

What if somebody hears me? 

It’s so forbidden. 

I’m so scared.? 

That too. 

Gives you more room to play. To play. To play. Be curious. Explore your innocence. Allow yourself space to be to be in the present moment. 

What is the present moment inviting you to be? 

To do, to explore, to express, oh yes. 

Each small action makes a difference.

Each little exploration gives you strength to explore your soul and yourself in the present. 

The present moment is where your greatest power of creation lives.

Oh, yes.

And when your mind tells you that you are late, that you’re not where you should be. You’re not who you should be. 

Recognize the breath, the sound, the gentle movement can bring you into present moment awareness to recognize the mind is the one that says you’re late. 

The mind is the one that keeps you out of your present moment power. 

Yes, yes, yes. Hmm. And gently breathing, more rhythmically, humming inside. Allowing the movement of your breath hmm, to awaken your body and open your eyes if they’re closed. Begin to take notice what’s around in the room that you’re in. 

 The light, the colors, the textures, anchoring yourself in present moment awareness.

And see how much you can play today with your movement, your breath, and your sound. 

How does this wisdom land in your body?

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I believe in you and the magic power of your soul.  I am sending you so much love!

You’re listening to the Embody Wealthy Podcast. The lightning path for women and empaths to quit people-pleasing, reclaim power, and create a pleasure-led legacy without apology.