Do you ever find yourself feeling disconnected from your personal power? As spiritual practitioners, it’s important for us to explore healthy expressions of personal power and reclaim the power we may have given away or not even realized we had in the first place. In this episode of the podcast, we will delve into the concept of personal power and how we can reconnect with it to fuel our dreams.

In a recent episode of the Desire Sessions podcast titled “Reconnect with your Personal Power to Fuel your Dreams,” Christel Arcucci takes us on a journey to change our experience of pleasure, power, and money. She guides us through a healing and hypnotic audio journey designed to restore our nervous system and reclaim our power.

The journey begins with a simple invitation to relax and receive. Taking gentle, deep breaths, we are encouraged to let go and pay attention to the rhythm, sound, and feel of our breath. This initial step helps us to become present and notice the sensations within our bodies.

As we continue to relax, we find ourselves at the top of a spiral staircase. With each step, we go deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation, leaving behind any limiting thoughts or beliefs. The staircase represents our journey inward, towards self-awareness, purpose, and play.

Eventually, we arrive at a room with a captivating lamp in the center. Intricately carved and adorned with a stained glass lampshade, this piece of art radiates beauty and awe. We are invited to plug in the lamp, and when we do, it comes to life, illuminating the room with its brilliance. The lamp becomes a symbol of our personal power, reminding us that we have the ability to create radiance and beauty in our lives.

However, the lamp is unplugged at times, and we realize that we are the ones who must plug it back in. We often get caught up in trying to find out who unplugged it or why, instead of taking action to restore our own power. The lamp teaches us a valuable lesson – that restoring our personal power is as simple as plugging it back in and allowing it to shine from within.

The journey continues as we spiral deeper, eventually arriving at a bonfire surrounded by an infinity of stars. The bonfire represents our dreams, and we are given the choice of fueling either the fire of our dreams or the fire of our distractions. This moment is a powerful reminder that we have the power to choose what we do with our life force, with the fuel that drives us.

Dancing around the bonfire, we raise our arms to the stars, celebrating our unique expression of power and recognizing the ways in which we can get distracted or disconnected. We become clear on how to reconnect with our personal power and create the life we desire. It’s as simple as plugging ourselves back in and allowing our radiance to shine.

As the journey comes to an end, we spiral back up the staircase, returning to our physical bodies. We bring this deep connection to our personal power with us, knowing that in the coming days, we will fully embrace our creative power and explore the expression of our desires.

If you’re craving a deeper exploration of your desires, whether they are personal or professional, consider booking a desire session at These sessions offer a unique healing opportunity to delve into your dreams, your purpose, and your desires, while also clearing any limiting belief codes that may be blocking you.

Reconnecting with your personal power is a transformative experience, allowing you to embody your purpose and create beauty, love, and connection in the world. So, next time you feel disconnected or distracted, remember to simply plug back into your personal power and fuel the fire of your dreams.

Join the pleasure-led movement and become an empowered healer of your own life. Together, let’s embrace the magic power of our souls and create a life filled with purpose, beauty, and abundance.

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Your desires deserve attention, and by reconnecting with your personal power, you can fuel the fire of your dreams and create a life beyond your wildest imaginations.