Are you a spiritual seeker challenged by the emotional intensity of the state of the world? Would you like to move out of right or wrong/ black or white judgement and into a vibrant experience of all the flavors, colors, textures, frequencies available in the full spectrum of human experience? This journey is for you.

Playful Curiosity to Create Emotional Freedom

I’m Christel Arcucci and I’m on a mission to change our experience of pleasure, power, and money.

You’re listening to the Desire Sessions Podcast. The lightning path to discover your soul’s desires & clear what’s blocking you from receiving. Asking for what you want and receiving unapologetically is a revolutionary act.

This hypnotic audio journey is designed to restore your nervous system, create healthy boundaries & reclaim your power. It’s ideal that you’re listening in a place you can relax and receive.

Let’s begin.

Thank you for being a part of the pleasure-led movement. I’m honored to support your embodied spiritual awakening.

I want to extend a special invitation to our listeners. If you’re craving a deeper exploration of your desires, whether they be personal or professional, consider booking a Desire session with me. It’s a unique opportunity to delve into your goals, dreams, and purpose, and clear limiting belief codes that are blocking you.

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I believe in you and the magic power of your soul. I am sending you so much love!