I remember you, we’ve met before in another time and place and we’re meeting here and now for a make millions recode in order to access your desire and amplify your creative soul fire, here and now.

I’m Christel Arcucci, you’re listening to the Embody Wealthy Podcast, the lightning path for world-changing women to make millions, embody wealthy, and create the life you imagine in aligned with the greater good.

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Today’s session is a make millions Akashic recode. It is incredibly rare in our world that a woman owned business makes $1 million a year and I am here to change that.

This session is a combination of erotic vocal alchemy, hypnosis and an Akashic recode integrating the power of word, breath and sound.

I invite you to make yourself luxuriously comfortable and as supported as possible.

Let your breath move without any effort as if you are being breathed.

Breath moving in.
Breath moving out.
Inhale and exhale.
No effort.
No struggle.
No time.

Simply being in this moment, following the sound of my voice guiding you deeper and deeper into your body, into your breath, into your soul desire.

Your mind may jump up and down and try to make you run in circles if that happens, just notice the wild monkey mind playing its games. Notice its energy it’s movement and simply observe and continue to feel your body being breathed.

Inhale and Exhale.
Receiving and releasing.
Inhale and exhale.
Receiving and centering.
Here and now.

Yes. Now, that you’re more present in your experience.
Now that you are more familiar with my voice.
Now that you are trusting your higher guidance and wisdom to support the unfolding of your impossible dreams.

They’re not so impossible, in fact they were given to you those wild dreams of what seems impossible.

Yes yes yes, you are feeling and knowing that more is possible now than ever.

One simple breath at the time you can fuel those streams bring them into being.

Watering the seeds of your desire one breath and a time.

Receiving and releasing.
Non-linear and spiral your circle swerve and circulate your vital energy, your will, your life force fueling your dreams, fueling your creative projects.

Fueling your vision of the world and what you would like it to be.

You are given these visions for a reason. You are given these desires to play with.
Playing with your desire.
Playing with the energy whether it feels like paint on your fingertips or oil you are smoothing onto your skin or sandpaper smoothing down a wood object.

Creative desire. Soul power fueled by your willingness to be in flow with the future you want to create through now.

Here and now.

This body, this breath, this moment, this opportunity.

Any resistance to playing in the game money, wealth, luxury, affluence moving out with the exhale like tiny specs of sand integrating into the great infinite ocean of consciousness.

Given back to source.
Believing here and now in the possibility of creating your desire, of allowing life force energy to fuel your desire, allowing money and resources to come into your life, your bank accounts, your business, fueling your creative desire.

Fueling your will to create in-service to the greater good and in service to love and truth.

Those wild visions?

Yes yes yes, your wild divisions taking aligned actions each day to create new opportunities, new collaborations, new connections.

Your life is your greatest masterpiece, your passion is yours to express and explore.

Your power, your pleasure are becoming more aligned, more awaken and in-service to human embodied awakening.

Divinity and humanity dancing together.
Light and dark.
Sun and moon.
Winter, spring, summer and autumn.
Cycling, circling, creating awakening, awakening, awakening.

Here and now.

The channel of receiving is open.
The channel of offering is open.

In your body receiving, from your body offering.

From a place of fullness and abundance you are offering.

Open to receiving what turns you on.
Open to receiving what lights you up.

Learning to receive.

Receive challenges life offers.
Noticing the opportunity to play with the challenges life offers. Knowing that your life, your experience is your medicine, your soul desire to explore being human in this life.

You are opening, perhaps wildly, perhaps slowly, whatever pace you need.

You are opening to receive-receive-receive-millions-millions-millions just as easily as you’re breathing in and breathing out.

Receiving and offering.
Receiving and releasing.
Rising and falling.
Day and night.

So easy and sometimes even in the struggle you find yourself laughing knowing it’s another opportunity to play in this while the mess called human life.

oh yes oh yes oh yes sometimes it is so fun to be the hot mess.

You find yourself easily much more easily excepting the wide variety of characters you play even those forbidden aspects and parts of yourself that you wish didn’t exist in the past.

Now you know how to play the game: yes and.
Yes and.
Yes and what will you create?
Yes and what is this invitation?
Yes and what is this madness?

This earth school experience?

It’s so much easier to experience delight in it now, isn’t it?

To make so much money that you can create all of your wildest fantasies, you also know that money is not the only answer.

Millions of opportunities.
Millions of resources.
A global network of world-changing humans working together.
A global network of world-changing humans collaborating, connecting, co-creating together.

Oh yes, so good so delicious and sometimes dangerous to that old status quo.

Sometimes it’s so fun to wildly imagine that even more is possible.

Receiving and offering.
Make millions.
Access your desire.
Create a life that is even more than you could’ve ever Imagined. Creative life force activation, soul contacts, remembering, soul family reunion here and now connecting through time and space.

Opening, receiving, opening, offering.
Inhale and Exhale.
Opening and closing.
Clear boundaries are essential.

Accepting, receiving, acknowledging, appreciating.

It’s not always as it appears, yet demand in your own soul clarity to know the truth, to align with love and remember that love is the power to create and destroy.
Create and destroy.
Create, live and die is all part of the cycle.

Receiving and offering.
Receiving and releasing.
Destruction is an essential part of the cycle and the old way of destroying it’s no longer happening.

Fueling the creative fire aligned with love.
Fueling the creative fire in service to the greater good.

Inhale receiving, exhale releasing.

The mind knows no bounds.
The monkey mind, chasing your tail, how funny.

Receiving your millions.
Creating your millions.
Making millions.
So pleasurable, so effortless, so enjoyable such a great adventure, here and now.

And returning returning returning feeling your body sensing your breath, knowing your soul awakening unfolds even after our time together here.
I remember you.
I know you.
I believe in you.
Thank you for being here.

Thank you for being here, it’s a pleasure to co-create and embody wealthy with you.

You’re listening to the Embody Wealthy Podcast, the lightning path for world-changing women to make millions, embody wealthy, and create the life you imagine in service to love.

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I believe in you and the magic power of your soul.

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I am sending you so much love!