How do you find your purpose? Your purpose is about so much more than what you do for work.

I’m Christel Arcucci, you’re listening to the Soul Purpose Podcast, a resource guide to the lightning path of embodied spiritual awakening with shadow and light integration. You can quit people pleasing, reclaim power, and create your soul purpose legacy. 

This podcast is informational. It’s also a transmission of power using hypnotic rhythm and energetic healing, which includes a variety in the quality, intensity, and speed of my voice. Notice how that makes you feel…

I see so many people stuck and deeply tormented. Wondering what is my purpose? When will I find my purpose? Where will I find my purpose? 

You can put so much weight on this question as if you only get one chance. So you better get it right, and you better be happy with all aspects of whatever you choose FOREVER.

 I think your purpose finds you. 

Often, your purpose is so obvious and that’s why you don’t see it, you might disregard it, or even ignore it. If you’re interested in discovering your purpose. Living your purpose and embodying your purpose. I invite you to start by exploring what you value most. 

What do you value physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially?, 

And even more importantly, where do you invest your time, energy, money, and attention? 

The disconnect between these answers is where you can find an infinite source of power. 

For example, I value love, connection, creativity, truth, and nature. I can incorporate these values into everything I do. I could be a postal worker, kindergarten teacher, the CEO of a company, or a homeschooling mom, and bring all of those values into what I do in my life,

Step one: discover your purpose by focusing on what you value and the disconnection between what you value and what you’re actually doing. 

Are you investing time, energy, money, and attention into what you value?

Are you stuck in an existential crisis loop thinking if I’m not living my purpose and doing the ultimate thing, I am failing at life?

If you feel unhappy, I will bet that you’re living out of alignment with your values in at least one area of your life. You feel pressure to change your life, but you’re not allowing yourself to live in alignment with your values because of cultural conditioning or trauma or both.

It’s up to you to build the foundation with what you value most and begin incorporating that into whatever you’re doing in your life now. 

Step two: What quality of being do you want to create more of in the world? 

What qualities of being do you value? 

How can you bring this quality of being into every aspect of your life?

Earth School is intense and when you focus on your quality of being first, then turn your attention to what you’re doing. There will be greater power, pleasure, flow, ease, and clarity.

People think finding your purpose is the holy grail, and once you find it, you will never have a problem again. Which simply is not true.

When you are living your purpose, you will face challenges. Yet, when you are clear on what you value, who you are and how you show up,  you will navigate whatever challenges arise with greater grace and ease. 

Step three: What are your natural talents? Discover your soul purpose, magic powers. 

Often your soul purpose powers are skills that you may not have professional training in. 

These powers come so naturally and you’re so good at them. You most likely act like it’s no big deal. It’s like a fish not knowing what water is, even though they have spent their entire life swimming in it. 

So you may need to ask people around you for their perspective on your greatest strengths and what activities they see come the most naturally to you. 

For example, I’m a natural organizer and I enjoy organizing.

When people come to my home, they often comment about how organized and clean my home is. For years, I would brush off the compliments until I was living in Asia and a friend was coming to visit. I asked him to go into my storage unit and bring a list of specific items.  

We were on the phone when he entered my unit and he gasped, I said, “what? Is something wrong?” 

He laughed and said, “no, it’s like an immaculate warehouse with everything neatly organized and labeled.” 

Oh, I replied relieved. I proceeded to guide him exactly to the shelf and box to go in for each item and it had been months since I had been there, he was in awe and kept talking about how crazy organized I am.

It finally reached to my brain and I jokingly said, “oh, you mean my organizing ability? Isn’t normal?” 

“No, this is not normal. You are an organizing super hero.” He said.

I don’t have training to be a professional organizer yet I am a Capricorn and I have taken on projects to help clients organize their office downsize or move out of a home after decades of living in one location.

Organizing information is an essential part of my business coaching. Since I help clients organize their expertise to create signature programs that serve their students and clients. 

In life, coaching the organization skills come in with organizing spaces, information, time, conversations, boundaries, et cetera.

You see the skill has always been there without official training. It is valuable to others yet It took a lot for me to even recognize that it’s a superpower. 

Organizing is a skill I’m good at it and comes easily to me. I do enjoy it, and I didn’t receive any professional training for it.

Organizing information and possessions are aspects of my life and business coaching. 

If you are working in a job you don’t love, or you’re working in your business and you’re not totally stoked. Start by focusing on an expanding the desired qualities of being into what you’re doing now.

Once that is set, make a plan to transition, to be in greater alignment with your soul purpose magic, instead of staying stuck and unhappy. 

Ask yourself, how you can be of service as you make this transition in your life to live in greater alignment with your values, focus on your soul purpose, as qualities of being combined with what you enjoy doing, and then incorporate that into everything and anything you’re doing.

There are many ways you can bring desired qualities of being and essential core elements of who you are into what you’re doing. 

Stop believing the hype that there is only one right answer to living your purpose. It will change over your lifetime. Let go of the idea that you only get one chance and you better get it right since you’re going to be stuck doing that for the rest of your life, don’t believe the lies that your brain tells you.

You can focus different phases of your life on different expressions of your purpose. 

I’ve had many phases in my business over the last 30 plus years. One phase focused on making jewelry and doing art shows. Another phase was massage therapy. Hands-on bodywork and energy. Another phase focused on being a yoga teacher and then becoming a yoga teacher trainer, another phase focused on helping clients with back pain, which opened the path to becoming a money coach, which led to becoming a business consultant, which led me to focus on helping people with soul purpose.

Would you say that any of that was wrong or off track?

I think this is how your purpose guides you to the next thing and the next evolution. 

If you’re listening and paying attention, focus on one thing at a time and just like stepping stones at a garden path, you will find alignment and flow. 

Who you are will guide you to what to do live in alignment with your values.

Follow your passion, heal your relationship with money clear past traumas and show up in service as you share your soul purpose magic. 

When it comes to your soul purpose as a business, Or if you’re making a transition into business for yourself, it is important to remember why you’re doing the work you’re doing. 

Why did you become a professional in your line of work in the first place? 

Why is your work important to you? 

Step four: explore your bold vision and take a stand. 

Are you living in alignment with your values? 

Are you becoming the best version of yourself no matter what you’re doing? 

When you focus in this way on who you are being first and then align that with what you’re doing you come into a great place of power in your life, expressing your soul purpose magic.  

As you rebuild after the global reset, I encourage you to take an even bolder and more courageous sand for your values and the vision for the present and the future you want to co-create.

The pressure on humanity to awaken consciousness is greater than ever before people and communities are experiencing more stress and need support with a variety of challenges. This is an ideal time to make changes since the old way and world has fallen apart. Take the risk to experiment and dive deeper into the next evolution of your purpose.

You can peel back activities that are no longer in alignment and let go of habits that aren’t helpful when you have a solid foundation in your why, when you experience a crisis or have to change and engage in unfamiliar activities like transitioning to remote services, building a new program in your business, being more visible in your marketing or asking for a sale, it will be easier to change because you have no choice 

And let’s face it, most humans won’t change unless you have to. 

Ground into your body. 

As you learn new things and gently expand yourself outside of your comfort zone. The transition will happen with grace. 

Your why doesn’t have to be some grandiose altruistic mission yet it can be, it can be as simple as you want to pay your bills with ease. You want to be a good example for your children or in your community. Or it can be a mission that addresses a challenge your community is facing.

My big dream is to support women, to have empowered relationships with money and to create financial freedom doing what you love.

More specifically, my focus is to support 1000 women to become millionaires.

My dream is important to me. Not only because I am a woman but also because I believe women having empowered relationships with money and business will change the world for the better. 

In addition, I am actively working to change the common imprint and negative impact of my mother, not feeling confident to support herself and her children and therefore getting into an abusive marriage after my parents’ divorce, because she thought she needed a man to take care of her just to survive.

 It is my purpose to make sure that no woman needs to compromise her health or safety in order to survive and thrive. 

My purpose gets me out of bed to take care of business, support myself and other women to have an empowered relationship to money and business and service to the common good. 

My mission and dream upsets some people and that’s okay.

An essential part of healing, the people pleaser is being willing to take a stand for something people don’t agree with and no matter what you choose to stand for, someone will be upset about it.

That’s why learning to embody your qualities of being align with your values and strengthen your mission so that no one can stop you. This an essential part of living your soul, purpose and transforming past trauma onto fuel for your mission. 

Take a slow and breath, become rooted in any resistance to changing your offerings, adding a new service or taking a bold stand.

Breathe, feel the resistance and fear as you notice write down any stories that are going on in your mind.

“I don’t want to do this. This is going to be hard. I’m only valuable when I’m working at a job or when I work with people in person or when I’m a people pleaser. It won’t be the same. If I can’t touch people, be in person or have the security of a job.” 

These are all forums of resistance, which will keep you safe and stuck.

When resistance comes, it’s important to acknowledge it, listen to what the voices say and write down exactly what it says. Feel the story. Notice the sensation of fear and breathe into it. Don’t push it away, breathe into and gently expand and open what’s possible. I guarantee there are gifts dormant inside you that will awaken because you are stretching outside your comfort zone.

Also, if you’re willing to explore things you’ve been wanting to try, you’ll find delight in aligning with your soul purpose. What is your someday vision you’ve been hesitant to try it?

Allow yourself to play without pressure to work within certain parameters.

What if something new and exciting as possible for you to create right now? 

What is your someday dream that you want to bring in to your heart? 

And explore in your imagination. 

Can you allow yourself to create it? 

What can you explore now? 

What do you want to expand right now? 

Someday is today. 

When you come to resistance in this process, pause, breathe more gently soften the edges of your body and let yourself be curious about what gifts await.

What would you like to try? 

How can you let this process be playful? 

Where is your heart calling you to explore and expand? 

What challenges have you overcome? 

Where is the opportunity for you to share your soul purpose magic?  

Notice the mindset shift you need to step into greater power.

Say, “yes, my purpose may challenge me, but I will figure it out. How can I leave my job? How can I transform my relationship with money? How can I do remote sessions? How can I build a location, independent business? How can I serve more clients and charge money for my services with ease? How am I going to serve clients and create financial abundance and the process?”

Living your purpose is a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity. Building a location independent business, working over the phone or video and offering recordings gives you the training needed to work with a group of clients at the same time, which can help you in the future living your purpose and making a living doing what you love. 

It is a challenge and an opportunity where your gifts will awaken. It will demand that you tap into gifts you haven’t strengthened yet, or didn’t even realize you had gifts, gift you thought you might save for someday. 

Someday is today. 

Today is an opportunity to share your work, also known as marketing your services in fresh ways, based on education, inspiration, entertainment and offering value. 

Remember that marketing is not, “Hey, buy my thing, buy my thing.” That’s annoying when you see it on social media or when you’re talking to people in your community and you know, it doesn’t work since you don’t like it. Don’t do it, but don’t let that stop you from contributing to your community through educating, entertaining and inspiring.

When you see a social media post or an ad that is telling an interesting story, offering value and you’re drawn to it because it’s something you need. Notice what turns you on and what turns you off when you see others sharing and marketing online, the most important thing is to take daily aligned and inspired action in growing your business and living your purpose. 

the same is true when you focus on teaching and sharing stories, people will not truly ask to work with you so have your programs ready to serve. 

My first book called soul purpose business circle will teach you the elegant soul centered system to build a referral based business without social media. The release date into the wild is set for September, 2021.

In order to receive the pre-release resources and join the movement of creating your bold vision and your soul purpose business. Go to: 

Thank you for being here. And I look forward to walking the soul purpose path with you. You’re listening to the soul purpose podcast, a resource guide to the lightening path of embodied spiritual awakening with light and shadow integration. You can quit people pleasing, reclaim power, and create your soul purpose legacy. 

I believe in you and the magic power of your soul for more revolutionary teachings and tools please follow the soul purpose podcast on your favorite podcasting app.

I look forward to connecting with you in the next episode. 

I am sending you so much Love.