What if you Forget Ascension & Focus on Turned-On Embodiment?

I want to talk about why ascension teachings distract from the human-ness and enjoyment of embodiment. 

I’m Christel Arcucci you’re listening to the Soul Purpose Podcast the place to learn the lightning path of embodied spiritual awakening with shadow and light integration in order to quit people-pleasing, reclaim power and create your soul purpose legacy. 

This podcast is informational. It’s also a transmission of power using hypnotic rhythm and energetic healing, which will include a variety in the intensity and speed of my speech. I will use sounding and deep breaths to help you feel and integrate the teachings into your body mind. I invite you to notice how this style lands for you. Does it take you deeper into your body or it distracting because it so different from other audio recording?

Your practice is to notice your experience without trying to change it. Be with what arises.

What’s the point of the soul purpose podcast? Who am I anyway? And what’s the benefit of listening for you? 

The focus of this podcast is to support you to discover your forbidden fruit and delight in eating the most delicious fruit you’ve ever tasted, the sweet taste filling your mouth, washing over your tongue with juice run down your fingers so you can lick up every single delicious drop.

Yes, I mean it but also what does that mean in real life?

The forbidden fruit is living your purpose with power and pleasure. 

Why is purpose, power and pleasure forbidden?

Modern culture has conditioned empaths and sensitive souls to be people-pleasers.

The condited program says. “it’s your job to focus your life on doing for others. This is your value. You will know what your loved-one’s need before they know they need it and you will provide it. You will live disconnected from your own body and heart and be completely oblivious to your own wants, needs, and desires. You will sacrifice yourself for others. Your job is to be the Rescuer and if you don’t rescue the victim, you will be called the perpetrator.” 

This dynamic is the trauma or drama triangle, I call it VPR for short which stands for victim-perpetrator-rescuer which are the only rolls available to choose from. And as an empath, of course you will choose to become the rescuer.

In future episodes we will explore the trauma triangle in greater depth but for now the most important aspect for you to know is this framework creates ‘power over’ relationships.

The focus of this podcast is to reclaim power by creating ‘power with’ relationships.  

How do ascension teachings play into the trauma triangle?

I am so glad you asked. Transcendence or ascension as the primary goal of your spiritual practice perpetuates the problematic ‘power over’ model that your human body is a problem or sinful. You have to get past, move beyond, and overcome the messiness of being human in order to awaken or achieve enlightenment.

The lightning path is a rebellious exploration of that disrupts this common model of transcendence and ascension teachings that dominate spiritual communities. 

The key teaching here is: You are not broken, you don’t need to change, fix or get past anything.

The purpose is to awaken in and through the body by enjoying all of it. To embrace and be with all your shadows and light by integrating and embodying your greatness and your greatest challenges.

I believe you deciding to become human from your infinite creative self in order to eat and delight in the forbidden fruit of the tragedy and ecstasy of life on earth, which will be an experience of both heaven and hell. This is NOT a problem, it’s the point. 

I am here to give you the permission you don’t need but want in order to enjoy the fuck out of this crazy trip called being human right here and now.

 On the practical level you will learn daily recode practices, how to reset your stress response, resolve trauma, restore soul loss, skillfully navigate a dark night of the soul, since collectively we coming out of a global reset now. 

You may be looking for meaning, purpose, tools to navigate and bring your soul gifts, more fully into the world and create wealth, vibrant health and great love.

But again, and again and again I will guide you to find the forbidden and fucking eat it, to enjoy the conflicting feelings of disgust and delight as you ENJOY YOUR CRAZY-ASS SOUL-CENTERED LIFE!

If you are waiting for someday to create a magical life, SOMEDAY IS TODAY!

Who am I, and what’s my story?

I am Christel Arcucci The quick version of my life story is my parents were the first in their families to go to college when my mom got pregnant with my older sister. Although I grew up in a fancy suburb of Chicago, both of my parents were alcoholic smokers. 

When I was six months old I had a near death experience, often called an NDE. I stopped breathing and nearly died. This opened the veil between life and death, which means I see, feel, hear, and know the true nature of reality. Which may sound fancy, amazing or like a huge ego boost but my experience was this access was a total mind fuck for a child in a dysfunctional family because I didn’t have a teacher or a way to understand the stark difference between the reality I knew was possible with the reality humans are generally living.

Dying was my exit strategy out of this life, but my older sister called me back. 

Earth school is a wild experience of ecstasy and tragedy, love and loss, the full spectrum of human possibility exists here.

If you are here, I imagine you are also an empath or highly sensitive person and what you see people say and do verses what you know and feel in your bones creates a disconnect and cognitive dissonance which makes it hard to enjoy being in a human body in this time in history.

You may wonder what I remember about being six months old? 

Life is a magical and mundane exploration of extremes. I believe all children are born open, curious, playful, innocent and we remember that love is the source of all that is.

Soul retrieval work and working in the Akashic Records grants access to any information, time or place it’s all available. Almost dying at 6 months old changed my life and put me onto a transformational healing path that demanded that I skillfully navigate being an infinite being in a limited human body. I was forced to transform trauma into turn-on and make impossible dreams turn into my reality.

Life will bring you to your knees, likely many times and in many ways.

Yet the focus is not to transcend the human experience by moving into the upper chakras or “finishing” the work of the 3D.

The focus is to enjoy the fuck out of the madness, mayhem and mind blowing possibilities here on earth. This calls you deeper into the experience of being human, deeper into the muck, mud and hard stuff and to find your energy and power. Not to try to escape human experience with by getting beyond human struggle or being saved.

Eating the forbidden fruit means finding pleasure in the sacred and profane… I know it’s an usual path, yet it’s the lightning path of embodied awakening not seeking enlightenment beyond the body but in and through the body and the real challenges of being human.

My focus is to help you navigate Phoenix Life Reset experiences of when your life falls apart or burns to the ground because of illness, death of a loved one, loss of a job home, marriage, child, pet and skillfully come out of global situations that reset the entire world.

I want you to have fun and play with the craziness of being human and restore your intuition and direct access to your creator self so that you know without a doubt:

What to let go of? 

What do you take a stand for?

How can you create a life sourced from great love and truth, no matter what is happening inside you or in the world around you?

You will create beauty from tragedy and have fun and find pleasure in the shadow, unwanted, uncomfortable aspects of your unconscious power as a person to create and destroy.

A metaphorical death, just like a near death experience is an initiation into a new chapter in your life, an opportunity to change, yet often the unconscious programming is so deeply engrained you will fight to recreate what you had instead of creating what you truly want.

I want to co-create new turned-on possibilities with you.

I have spent my life on the personal and professional transformational journey with depth studies about health, spirituality, psychology, metaphysics, magic, fitness, shadow work, stress response, soul purpose, navigating trauma, abuse, loved one’s addiction issues, the stress of extreme health challenges and nearly dying dozens of times. 

I’ve experienced so many incredible things in my life and so much trauma and loss yet I have a creative and rich life not despite the challenges I faced but because I learned to transform wounds into wisdom.

Creating a rich life is a unique and individual process of determining your values and designing your life based on your bold vision. The intention of this podcast is to guide you to create a rich life in your body mind and being in order to create physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial wealth. 

This is an in depth and edgy exploration of power, creativity, sex, money and soul and living your embodied soul truth.

We will dive deeply into, roll around with and get intimate with daily tools to come into the greatest soul alignment that is possible for you. 

There is literally infinite information available on your mobile phone in your pocket, yet even more is available by accessing and embodying your creator self.  

Living as your creator self you will transform old limitations and get to the heart of your purpose, power and pleasure so you can create your lasting soul purpose legacy. 

Your soul is calling you to rewire your brain, change your habits, transform the choices you make in order to move from survival mode to thriving mode and embody the full potential of your soul. 

The focus of each episode will be short with practical tips that you can implement immediately.

Thank you for being here, and I look forward to walking the soul purpose path with you. 

You’re listening to the soul purpose podcast filled with teachings and resources for the lightning path of embodied spiritual awakening with shadow and light integration in order to quit people-pleasing, reclaim power and create your soul purpose legacy.

You can access the Free Soul Success Journal & meditation and all the episodes of the podcast at www.soulpurposepodcast.com

I believe in you and the magic power of your soul. 

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I am sending you so much love!