“Your Body is Holy Ground.”

I received this teaching from my inner guidance. Do you receive messages from your inner guidance? 

I’m Christel Arcucci you’re listening to the Soul Purpose Podcast the place to learn the lightning path of embodied spiritual awakening with shadow and light integration in order to quit people-pleasing, reclaim power and create your soul purpose legacy. 

This podcast is informational it’s also a transmission of power using hypnotic rhythm and energetic healing to integrate the teachings into your body-mind. 

Today is the dark moon, and the day before the new moon. I sat down to work on my art journal entry when a booming voice said, “your body is holy ground.” 

I stopped, and it repeated, “your body is holy ground.” 

This declaration struck me like a bolt of lightning in my bones, grounding and anchoring me into my body and the moment. This simple statement was an energetic transmission that amplified my connection to planet earth in a way that I have only experienced In the heart of nature.

The dominant culture program running is that your body is a problem.

Many traditions teach that the only way to enlightenment is to get beyond the body, as I talked about in episode 1.

The idea that the body is the source of original sin, especially if you’re a woman, is widely accepted as truth.

Stating that the body is sacred, and holy ground is radical.

Treating yourself and your body like it’s a miracle is a revolutionary and rebellious act!

Learning to trust your body by unraveling stress and trauma patterns is one of the most important practices you can explore.

Will you accept the invitation to practice acknowledging, accepting, appreciating, and even loving your body?

I know it’s radical and let’s go deeper into embodied spiritual awakening.

How does it land in your body when I say, “your body is holy ground.”

What thoughts or feelings come up for you?

What sensations do you experience?

Now try this breath work practice: Take a gentle breath as deeply into your body and heart as you can. Place your feet flat on the floor with your hands resting on your thighs. One breath to open the back of your body, open breath to open the heart and front of your body. One breath into your hips, legs and feet. One breath flits your spine, neck and opens the crown of your head. Now speak out loud, “My body is holy ground.”

What do you feel and notice with no pushing away or pulling towards?

What is your experience in your body mind right now?

Right now is the place to access your power. Yet the mind pulls you into the past or future and makes the present so unfamiliar you don’t know how to skillfully ride your experience. Most often you will only be willing to be present if it’s good and even then your mind will jump into fear of something “bad” happening.

This moment. This experience. This NOW is magical, powerful and holy and your body is the gateway that is always always always with you and available.

As I tune in to my experience right now, I feel the central channel of vertical energy as clear and powerful. The central channel runs from the center of your hips between your sit bones in the core of your pelvis all the way through the top of your head.

My central channel lights up with excitement and upward moving, sparkly enthusiasm. “Yes, yes, yes, my body is holy ground!”

You should know that this has been a focus of my practice for decades so when I am reminded of this teaching it is a beautiful anchor to help me feel that my body right now is holy ground, but it has taken a lot of practice to have instant access like this.

A core element is being able to BE WITH whatever is happening in my body without trying to push it away or grasp on to whatever you are experiencing. I am not trying to dominate my experience or change it in any way. 

The golden keys to access your body’s holy ground wisdom:

Present moment willingness to be with what is, not pushing away nor pulling towards.

The mind is a storyteller (which is a fancy way of saying it’s a liar.)

The body only tells the truth, although in order to access the truth you must unwind layers of trauma and stress response to discover the body never lies.

A golden key to unlock the felt sense and knowing is the pure flow of experience. Sometimes experience is like a fresh mountain stream and sometimes it is like the inside of the sewer system. Both are essential elements of life on earth, but often the focus is pushed onto only what is considered good, clean and worthy.

If this is a new concept for you, it may be met with resistance or it may not land for you if you are still working on resetting old programs that are running.

I worked out a little I bit too hard yesterday and so physically I am in some pain today. There’s something going on in my pelvis that is more that just muscle discomfort. 

The truth is… I’m in physical pain today. 

I mention this because it’s important to I speak honestly about both the pain and the knowingness that my body is holy ground exists at the same time. 

Many people are experiencing pain in the bodies, which can make it difficult to feel the truth that your body holy ground and my intention with this episode it to create an opening for a different experience. 

When you’re not feeling good, it’s easy to buy into the belief that you can only feel good when you feel better when you’re not in pain, ill, anxious, depressed, or sad, etc.

A big focus today is “be” with whatever is happening in order to feel better. I invite you to try, don’t wait until things are perfect in order to feel good.

Yes, it’s hard to remember and feel that your body is holy ground when you’re feeling crappy.

Feeling good can be elusive and that’s how you remember that earth school is the project that you signed up for in order to focus on this!

Life experience, stress and trauma often disconnects you from your body and from remembering your infinite creator self. Yet inner guidance, gently and sometimes not so gently, teaches you to remember your Creator Self. 

You have a body in order to experience, learn and remember that your body is holy ground, all of your experience, wonderful and terrible, beautiful and devastating, embrace and be with the extremes.

Embodied spiritual awakening is revolutionary practice and is more challenging and important for women to remember that your body is holy.

Your body is holy ground does not mean it’s perfect or flawless. 

Your body is MIRACULOUS! All the systems that are working together right now for you to be alive and listening to this are truly astonishing. Note, my intention is not to gaslight you into making yourself be grateful. I have an upcoming episode about when gratitude practice can do more harm than good.

What has your body done that’s astonishing or amazing? Recovered from a serious accident, injury, or illness? Run a marathon? Or simply woken up to enjoy another day? Part of this practice is to give your attention to the miraculous things our bodies does daily. 

Being human is not flawless. Being human is wildly messy and chaotic, yet also amazing!

The Body as Holy Ground practice in this episode it’s not about being flawless, it’s about witnessing your present moment experience and maybe even enjoying the mess and miracle of life in a human body. 

Holy is about your body being sacred and miraculous and also painful, ill or broken sometimes. Can you be curious and playful about everything and anything that is happening in your body?

On earth, it’s challenging to remember the body is holy.

Being human which is incredibly flawed and wildly challenging.

And most spiritual traditions and religions teach that the body is a problem not even remotely close to the body is holy.

It’s your work today is to remember that your struggles, flaws and programming is not what defines you.

When you feel stuck, or circling in a negative feedback loop, stop and embrace that life is difficult. 

I am making this recording while we are in the coming out of a global pandemic.

Life is extra messy right now because it’s not just me and my humanity, messiness, hope, fears, anger, love and my gratitude that are present in my life right now.

When I tune in to what’s happening outside of my little bubble of my life, the entire world is in a global reset.

What the heck is happening?!

The reality of earth school is THIS is what you signed up for!

The best thing you can do it pause, breath, touch your legs and remember your body is holy ground, your experience and full embrace of whatever is happening in the moment is the gateway to FEELING THE SACREDNESS OF LIFE.

You may have to do this practice 10,000 times before you feel it, yet I promise you will feel this truth if you continue to do the practice.

Truth be told I often wonder, “what am I doing here?! Why did I think this was a good idea?”

Yep, even after all these years I often question myself!

A key is to not expect yourself to be enlightened and awake all the time.

Recognize the messiness of humanity.

Acknowledge the struggle.

That is why it’s holy Ground.

It’s a complete mind fuck and trust me… just keep practicing!

  Humanity is fucking messy.

Embrace that everything shifts.

Holy and messy co-exist at the same time.

All right, my friends, this is the wisdom for this transmission.

Thank you for being here, and I look forward to walking the soul purpose path with you. 

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I believe in you and the magic power of your soul. 

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I am sending you so much love!